Friday, January 17, 2014

An amazing story on Chesterfield Inlet's Youth taking ownership of their 'My Community App' Project

The CES Team just started working with the Chesterfield Inlet Elders Group Committee on developing their 'My Community App' Project. The My Community App provides a platform for the community members to share their voice as well as enabling them to support their goals and celebrate their story and culture.  This project instills pride and ownership for the community while preserving culture for future generations to come!  

The Youth, Elders and everyone in between will have the opportunity to have their voices heard while discovering the importance of their culture through digital storytelling. The first phase of the project is working with the community's Youth to train them on how to use the video recording equipment and create the videos themselves. Patrick from our team is just finishing up his week of training and working with the Youth. Check out his blog story at to find out how the Youth of Chesterfield Inlet took ownership over the project. A truly inspiring story! 

For more information on the My Community App contact or visit

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