Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tourism Destination Development: Getting your Tourism Business on the Map!

Want to get in the business of tourism? Do you have a Destination Development Strategy for your community/region? Why would you need a Destination Development Strategy?

A Tourism Destination Development Strategy provides a solid foundation for developing your community or region into a world class, multi-season tourism destination. Your unique culture, history and location will be used to develop innovative products and to identify new niche markets, enhancing cultural, recreational, and adventure tourism in the region.

High impact branding and marketing solutions celebrating the human experience will be identified to maximize exposure for the region and create international awareness. The goal of the Tourism Destination Development Strategy will be to ensure the tourism sector continues to play a key role in your community / region’s economic development by providing employment, entrepreneurship opportunities and income.                                                                                                                                                                        

Canadian Ecotourism Service's expertise lies in cultural, recreational, and Aboriginal tourism development. We have established an ability to work closely with urban and rural communities across Canada and abroad to create unique experiences that help to preserve local cultures and the environment while providing economic benefits and employment opportunities. 

With an immense experience of 18+ years in the tourism industry we have provided unparalleled levels of service to our clients through our innovative products and services. We employ a grassroots approach for community based tourism development with a focus on sustainable socioeconomic solutions.  With a combined experience of over 50 years working in the tourism industry, each member of our team is responsible for understanding every element of every project and applying their skill and passion for making each project important and unique. We do the technical work while focusing on what matters most; people, pride and prosperity.

The Tourism Destination Development Strategy will encompass a multi-year comprehensive plan that identifies short, medium, and long-term goals and objectives related to effective management, guiding principles and recommendations that enable your community / region to grow the local tourism industry. The Plan will set direction for tourism stakeholders, which may include businesses, local government, tourism organizations, cultural organizations, and other identified partners to encourage partnership development, innovative product development, and an increase in overall tourism visitations and spending.

The following are some of the ways our destination development services can assist you:
  • Prioritize existing tourism ventures, best prospective markets, projected tourism trends & partnerships;
  • Create sustainable long term vision for tourism development;
  • Hear local voices through our Stakeholder Consultation Strategy and Facilitation;
  • Ensure we get you ‘on the map’ on time and on budget
For more information on Destination Development Strategies and what they could mean in your community contact info@cesclients.com

Thursday, November 26, 2015

CES Tourism Webinar Series

CES has just launched our new Tourism Webinar Series! We are offering free Webinars that are targeted towards developing ecotourism & cultural based tourism products and services in your community! 

Canadian Ecotourism Services (CES) is a tourism and community development firm with over 18 years of Indigenous tourism development. We specialize in planning, business development, coaching & training, cultural preservation projects, cultural village development, cultural digital apps and marketing and branding. 

Tired of the same old methods and consultants? -  Join us and discover why we are one of Canada’s premier firms working with Indigenous communities across Canada and around the world - our client list in PDF

Our first Webinar is on Tourism Product Development

What you will learn how to:

  • Enhance and develop Indigenous tourism in your community!
  • Design grassroots tourism experiences led by passionate cultural entrepreneurs.
  • Develop & package ‘market ready’ tourism products and services.
  • Market cultural products and services under one interactive platform.

December 9th at 12 noon EST (9am PST)

Where: At the comfort of your desk! – Details will be sent upon registration

No Registration fees

For more details contact us at 1-877-444-5550 or email info@cesclients.com

To Register click here!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sustainable Community-Based Projects - Cultural Camp

A Cultural Camp or Village is a sustainable community based project that strives to preserve and celebrate culture as well as act as hub for tourism economic activity and community development initiatives. 

There are various models and scales to pursue based on what a community's needs are. This video shows what the opportunities and benefits are for having a Cultural Village project and shows images of best practices from around the world.

For more information contact info@cesclients.com or visit www.cesclients.com.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Success Story: David Kattegatsiak, CEDO for Chesterfield Inlet

There are many amazing tourism and cultural preservation projects being implemented across Canada in indigenous communities, but what takes a project to another level is having a passionate hard-working individual to see the project continue to grow. 

David Kattegatsiak is the Community Economic Development Officer for the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet in Nunavut. David spearheaded the My Community App Project in the winter of 2014, the site can be found at http://chesterfieldinletstories.ca. This interactive website celebrates sharing stories of Inuit culture from the voices of elders and youth on their rich history, the land, and the people within their territory. The stories are a combination of videos, images and written text that have been collected throughout the years.

When the project was completed, it didn’t stop there. David continues to add new content and updates to the site on a regular basis. His passion to share his community’s stories and his drive to continue to bring this legacy project to life is inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed working with David on this project and constantly look forward to seeing new stories being shared!

Projects such as the My Community App project help to instill community pride and celebrate the culture and stories of the community for generations to come! If you are interested in hearing more about this amazing project contact info@cesclients.com.

Community Tourism Feasibility Study Program

ATT: Tourism Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, EDO’s!

Community Tourism Feasibility 

Study Program

Want to explore tourism opportunities in your community?

Apply now to receive up to $5,000 in funding towards a 

Community Tourism Feasibility Study!

What will YOU get?

An assessment of the tourism opportunities in your community
Gain professional advice from CES’s Clinton Belcher - Tourism Expert
A Community Tourism Feasibility Study exploring a viable tourism project in your community
Research on funding opportunities to implement the project

Register by calling us Toll free at 1-877-444-5550 ref# CTFS

Or email info@cesclients.com

Time is limited, must register before November 20, 2015