Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Celebrating a Great Year for Indigenous Tourism & Community Development Projects Across Canada

Cree Nation of Mistissini

The New Year is always a time for reflection… the CES team wanted to take this as opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients and partners for making 2017 such a great year. We’ve been involved with a variety of different projects across Canada that focus on Indigenous Tourism Development, Community Development, and cultural preservation.

This particular year was a milestone for CES since we’ve just celebrated our 20th Year in operation.  Here is a message from our CEO, Clinton Belcher sharing the evolution and growth of CES. “I think that we are going to have an impact on a wider reach and I think that it will be National and or International, and that’s by using our methodologies and our system and certainly the word of mouth. I believe we will set a bar for other consultants and firms to work towards for helping indigenous communities prosper.

After 20 years, I really recognize how important our work is. I love coaching and I love advising and being in a mentorship role – I’m really enjoying giving back that way. I feel like it’s philanthropy in a sense, we help communities with incentives to get started, but it’s developing a relationship to help reach goals – I don’t even see it as work.  It’s just what I should be doing.

Every person that comes into my life provides me with a value. I feel that I want to do more and return something to them because of what they have provided me with.” – Clinton Belcher, CEO of CES

We’re excited to showcase all the wonderful projects that we were a part of, this past year. The projects range from Tourism Planning, Product Development, Authentic Indigenous Moments, Coaching & Training Programs, Website Development, Photography & Videography, Architectural Services, Marketing & Branding, Feasibility Studies and Business Plans, and Stakeholder Consultations:

 My Mistissini Moments  & Tourism Website Development– Cree Nation of Mistissini, Quebec

The development of the first community indigenous tourism web platform that embowers Cultural Entrepreneurs to share unique moments with visitors. We also simultaneously developed their new tourism website found at http://mymistissini.com.  This project included coaching and training programs, product development, and professional photography.

Feasibility Study for Wiwkwedong Marina & Boat Launch - Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Ontario

Developed a Feasibility Study for a Marina and Boat Launch that included architectural renderings, operational planning, marketing strategies, and product development.

Community Tourism Plan – Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation, Ontario

Development of a 5 Year Tourism Strategy that focused on putting the community first, inspiring entrepreneurship and new business creation, and focusing on responsible tourism development. This project included stakeholder consultations and a community tourism workshop.

Operational Marketing Plan - Ritchie Falls Resort, Ontario

Developed an Operational Marketing Plan which included creating a new brand for the business and shifting from consumptive tourism to more ecotourism products and offerings. A new logo, brand, marketing strategy, and look and feel for the business was created as a result.

Website Development - Ritchie Falls Resort, Ontario

A new website for the Ritchie Falls Resort was developed to align with the business’s new brand and product offerings.

Business Plan for Overnight Accommodations – Wahnapitae First Nation, Ontario

The development of a Feasibility Study and subsequent Business Plan was developed for overnight accommodations. This project included architectural renderings & design, an Environmental Assessment & Geotechnical Report, community stakeholder consultations, marketing and branding solutions, as well as financial planning.

 Marketing Plan for the Renovations and Rebrand of Rocky’s Restaurant – Wahnapitae First Nation, Ontario

The development of a marketing strategy and rebrand for Rocky’s Restaurant that was aligned with the new Hotel in the community. This project included architectural renderings, design, and branding concepts for the newly renovated restaurant.

Website Development – Spirit Island Adventures, Ontario

The creation of a new website for Spirit Island Adventures, a luxury teepee glamping business.

Community Website Development / Photography & Videography – Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut

Developed a new community website for the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet which included professional photography, branding, and interactive web-based technology.

This project also included the development of a high definition community video that portrayed a glimpse of what life in Chesterfield Inlet is all about.


Website Development and Marketing & Branding – Indigenous Tourism Ontario

The development of a new website and bold brand for ITO to transition from Aboriginal Tourism Ontario to Indigenous Tourism Ontario. This project included updating their logo, website, social media sites, and setting clear goals and budgets for internal and external marketing strategies.

Cultural Authenticity Program – Indigenous Tourism Ontario

The development of a program that pays recognition to businesses offering culturally authentic experiences, and acknowledges them for contributing to their Indigenous heritage in Ontario. This program included capacity building, an awareness campaign, and brand development.

Authentic Indigenous Moments (AIM) Program – Indigenous Tourism Ontario

The creation of the first provincially dedicated grassroots Indigenous tourism initiative that connects “authentic cultural entrepreneurs” directly with visitors through an interactive web platform. This project included an awareness campaign, website development, capacity building, and assistance with development 50 experiences.

Operational Business Plan & Training Program – Mudge’s Fishing Camp, Ontario

The development of a 5 Year Operational Business Plan for the newly purchased Mudge’s Fishing Camp for Seine River First Nation. The fishing camp is set to be launch for the 2018 main fishing season.

CES also assisted with facilitation of a staff training program for the Fishing Camp.

Business Plan for Chiefswood Cultural Heritage Park – Six Nations Tourism, Ontario

The development of a Business Plan for the Revitalization of Chiefswood Park in Six Nations Territory. This project included the creation of new products and service offerings for both visitors and community members, as well as a bold marketing and branding strategy.

Tourism Officer Training Program – Cree Nation of Mistissini, Quebec

Delivered a one year coaching and training program for the Tourism Officer in Mistissini. The program included both onsite and offsite training in a variety of different disciplines in the tourism industry including Marketing & Branding, Product Development, Project Management, Financial Management, Tourism Entrepreneur Business Coaching, Workshop / Presentation development & facilitation, and general tourism business operations.

Digital Storytelling Project – Huu-ay-aht First Nations, BC

Facilitated a training program with the Communications staff in Huu-ay-aht First Nations on the development of a digital storytelling project for their community that focused on cultural preservation and involving the community to share and celebrate stories of the past, present, and future. This project also included a community workshop on digital storytelling.

Community Stakeholder Consultations – City of Campbell River, BC

CES was sub-contracted by Cohlmeyer Architecture to facilitate the community stakeholder consultations for the community’s waterfront development project. The stakeholder consultations had the brand of “Refresh & Inspire” with the goal of providing a space for community members to share their ideas, concepts and proposals for the Waterfront Task Force that focused on how it benefits the community’s social, cultural, environmental, and economic wellbeing.  

Tourism Planning, Stories of our Elders Interpretive Trail, and Arts & Crafts eBoutique – Cree Nation of Nemaska, Quebec

CES updated Nemaska's 2011 Tourism Plan to best reflect changes in the global market, tourism trends, and to best position themselves within the surrounding communities in Eeyou Istchee region in Northern Quebec. We also mapped out their Marketing Plan to allow the community to stand-out from the crowds and establish its own exclusive brand identity. 

The Stories of our Elders project is the first of its kind - an Elders Trail in the community will capture the memories and knowledge of the communities wisest members and transcribe some of these moments on signs and plaques along a walking trail. And finally, the Arts & Crafts eBoutique was developed to sell the community's arts and crafts on an engaging website. A Social Enterprise platform was created to support programs for Youth and encouraging local artists to continue their craft. 

How to Connect with Us:

As you can see it's been a incredible year! For more info on some of our past projects and to find out more about our services contact info@cesclients.com or visit us at www.cesclients.com