Innovative Grassroots Tourism Workshops & Coaching Programs. Click here.

Cultural Preservation Initiative 2013 was a huge success! We'd like to thank all of the communities for their participation! Click here for the full story. September 24, 2013 

Workshop - My Community First! Considering partnerships with the Mining, Forestry, Hydro or Oil and Gas Industry? My Community First is a dynamic half-day workshop that provides Community Leaders with the tools and resources required for your community to have control with potential partnerships. Click here for the full story.
October 22, 2012 

Re-instilling Cultural Pride with Aboriginal Festivals - Cultural festivals for Aboriginal communities can provide a multitude of positive benefits for their residents, visitors and surrounding communities.   
May 18, 2012

National Aboriginal Day is just around the corner on June 21st. If your community / organization is planning a special event and requires assistance to create a memorable experience, the CES team is able to assist. Click here for the full story.
May 4, 2012

Sustainable Tourism Webinar: Communities Growing their Economies while Safeguarding the Environment in Canada and Internationally. Tourism has a major impact on economies, cultures and the environment. It often destroys cultures, communities and natural habitat but it can be a vehicle to build communities while increasing pride in local culture, improving the local economy and helping to protect local habitat. This webinar will share examples of sustainable tourism development here and abroad. We will see how Indigenous communities in Canada help empower local communities by utilizing an Indigenous approach to tourism. Click here for more information.
April 11, 2012 

Defining your Mobile Strategy. Discover innovative ways to get your destination on the map. Click here for the full story.
November 30, 2011


Pando Terra Community Development Workshop. Learn how to use indigenous ways to create a sustainable community. Click here for more information.
July 13, 2011

Bold Brand Marketing and Branding Workshop. How do you get noticed? Put your destination on the map. Participate in a professionally facilitated netmeeting or workshop on how to create a bold marketing and branding image for your community or attraction. Click here for more information. 
June 22, 2011

Build your Destination Webinar - Click here to watch the presentation. 
May 17, 2011

Mobile Strategy Workshop. Funding available to host a professionally facilitated Mobile Strategy Workshop for your membership. Click here for more information.
April 12, 2011

Alberta Community Development Webinar Series. Click here for more information.
November 10, 2010

Cooperative Marketing Using TechTours. You are invited to participate in a free workshop on cooperative marketing using TechTours. Discover the opportunities for connectivity between destinations. Click here for more information. 
July 27, 2010


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