CES is a community and tourism development firm. We are a one stop shop for entrepreneurs, corporations, governments and indigenous groups worldwide. From coaching and planning to building and branding, our products and services vitalize public spaces, community attractions and tourism businesses alike. Our process is precise; we work tirelessly with unwavering loyalty to get you "on the map".

CES - Community and Tourism Development Firm - Click here for a full list of products and services.

CES - So are you ready to make a difference...contact us. We believe all good relationships start with a conversation. Travellers will tell you the best moments come from the people you meet along the way. For us it’s the same; projects come and go, but the people we work with and the relationships we develop last a lifetime.

We love to hear from you, please send us an email ces@cesclients.com
Or call us at 1-877-444-5550.

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