Thursday, January 12, 2012

Women’s Economic Empowerment: Building Strong Economies and Communities in Canada and Internationally

Register TODAY and join us to learn about how women’s economic empowerment activities are are building local economies and stronger communities in Canada and internationally. 
In nearly every country, women work longer hours than men, but are usually paid less and are more likely to live in poverty. In subsistence economies, women spend much of the day performing tasks to maintain the household, such as carrying water and collecting fuel wood. In Canada, women continue to face systemic wage discrimination and their unequal domestic responsibilities continue to limit their employment options.
Around the world, gender equality is key to economic development. This session will look at how women’s economic empowerment in Canada and internationally is contributing to stronger economies and communities, and what Canadians can do both here and abroad.
International perspective: Myriam Lafrance, Centre for International Studies and Co-operation (CÉCI)
Canadian perspective: Roz Lockyer,PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise and Women’s Economic Council
Moderator: Ethel Côté, Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
A question and answer period will follow. 
·         Date: Jan 31, 2012
·         Webinar begins at 12:00 pm Eastern time, 9:00 am Pacific time
·         Participation is free
·         Register by January 29 to obtain connection information and additional resources.
This session is in English.
A session in French takes place at the same time on Wednesday February 1 
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  1. where is the event held?

    1. The event is a webinar - a presentation held online. All you need is a computer to participate! Please follow the links above for more info and to register.

  2. Is there another session for this? I missed it till I read this post or is there a recorded one for me to catch up.

  3. I will follow up with the organizers to see if there is a recorded file of the presentation. Unfortunately there won't be another session with this specific topic in the near future. In March, there will be a webinar on sustainable tourism.